Helpless Before Egoism

236.01Question: On the fiftieth day after leaving Egypt, the people came to Mount Sinai. “Sina” in Hebrew means hate. “Mountain” is the word “Har” from Hirhurim, meaning doubts. What are these doubts? Doubts of hatred?

Answer: Looking at the hatred that fills a person and at the quality of bestowal and love, the quality called the Creator, no one can believe that it is possible to defeat hatred at all, to climb this mountain, to overcome the enormous egoism in all its manifestations.

To stand at the foot of a mountain means to feel that there is nothing you can do, you raise your hands and be it as it may. You have no control over your egoism, over your nature, it completely controls you and does whatever it wants.

Question: Is Mount Sinai hatred toward the quality of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love? Or is it hatred toward the people around you?

Answer: It is the same thing. Just as in our world, we transfer the qualities of people to their external image, and thus we love some people and do not love others. After all, we define our attitude not toward the “flesh” but toward the quality that a person represents as if playing it before us as an actor. This is why we love him or we do not, are closer to him or further away.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/9/21

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