How To Get Rid Of Bad News

959Question: One is tired of bad news in all the media today. So now there are sites that present only good news. How do you feel about entering good sites and getting good news?

Answer: It is like Vysotsky sang: “We would only need to be injected and fall asleep.”

Question: To inject and forget. That is, only good news will not help?

Answer: You can, but this will be exactly the case.

Question: How should it be? We need to sift through all this bad news? How can I live with all this?

Answer: You have to live right. If the attitudes are correct, then you can meet the worst news and it will not kill you.

Of course, you understand what the world is. But this is only if you know that you must act in order to correct this world.

A person should relate to the world like this world is given to him for correction. It is specially distorted, disfigured, painted black.

And we must make this world a better place. And we have been given a force for this, the higher force of nature, the positive force, which is absent in our world because we do not attract it.

We must feel how a negative, egoistic force operates in our world at all levels of nature: still, vegetative, animate, and human. This egoistic force of nature is triggered by people at the highest level, human, and from this level it acts on the animate, vegetative, and even inanimate forces.

And if a person begins to understand that when in correct relation to others he causes the positive force of nature, then two forces manifest in our world and we will see their result.

The main task of man is to attract this positive force of nature by him acting the same way in our world. He will think about it. Even one thought is enough: I want a positive force to manifest in our world. If we think so, it will manifest itself. And nothing else is needed.

The greatest power is the power of thought, the desire of man.

Question: And then, when reading this horror, this terrible, bad news, what will I feel?

Answer: That they are actually given to you so that you evoke the positive force and balance the positive and negative forces all the time, not destroying negative forces ,but only attracting compensatory positive forces to them.

And there is no need to destroy the past world and build a new one. You only need to add goodness.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/18/21

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