Beginning Of Spiritual Liberation

740.03Question: Let’s say a person came out of Egypt (out of his egoism). What should he correct next?

Answer: He must understand what he is facing, what he needs to come to. Gradually, it is revealed to him what it really means to come out of egoism.

This is not just breaking away from the ego, but transforming it into altruism, that is, transforming all the desires with which a person existed in the state of Egyptian exile. This is a great egoism that has grown in a person under the influence of his existence in so-called Egypt.

In spiritual slavery, he realized how far he was from the truth, from the correct perception of reality, from the attainment of the Creator, and this pained him so much that he cried out, not agreeing to remain in this state. From this moment begins his spiritual liberation, the exit from Egypt.

A person gradually rises from spiritual slavery, agrees to undergo a complete separation from egoism. This is called the “crossing of the Red Sea.” Then he goes further. It takes what is called seven weeks that pass from leaving Egypt to approaching Mount Sinai for a person to come to an understanding, which means to change himself completely, and this period represents the elevation of a person above his past state.

He agrees to adopt a methodology that will change him. Although it is complex, and its implementation is not easy at all, a person is ready for it. That is why he is in such a long transition of seven weeks.

Seven weeks of seven days is 49 days. It is only on the 50th day that he reaches Mount Sinai. In the Torah stories, Mount Sinai and the desert are all allegorical images. However, in reality, this is a person’s recognition of his inner state. Mount Sinai is nothing more than his great egoism, and he stands before it and can do nothing.

At the top of the mountain is the Creator who Himself created this egoism, controls it, and, if necessary, develops it in a person, so that he eventually realizes how to work with it and transform egoism into the opposite quality, the quality of bestowal, love, and connection.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/9/21

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