No Man—No World

928Question: Three-dimensional space plus time, do these four dimensions exist or are they an illusion? Are they there or not?

Answer: This is the illusion of our structure and that is why we feel space this way and divide it this way.

Question: Why are we given this illusion?

Answer: We cannot exist in an open space in which there is no basis for measurement, for the expression of something. Therefore, the three axes and the fourth, which is time, are what we need in order to talk about our state at all.

Question: But these three axes, in principle, characterize the current position of a person in space. The fourth axis is time. There is a past and a future. Do they even exist or not?

Answer: They exist in relation to a person. Everything is only in us, just like these axes. And what is outside of us, we cannot say.

Question: If I remember the past or think about the future, is it something that affects me in the present moment?

Answer: Naturally. In fact, no time exists. This is purely our subjective feeling, and we divide it into the past, present, and future.

Question: Then I am in the past; is it my illusion that I am in the present and this is how I feel, and I feel this way?

Answer: We always measure one thing relative to the other.

Question: Did dinosaurs even exist?

Answer: We cannot talk about what existed and what does not exist now, because it is all about a person’s feeling. A person makes excavations, takes out some bones from there, takes them for dinosaur bones, makes up their skeletons. Everything is beautiful, good. But this is all about our perception of the world. We cannot imagine anything other than the past, present, and future, and the person who observes all this attributes some vectors to these states.

Question: If everything is characterized in relation to a person, then in principle, he can move from place to place, change places, and in general everything revolves around him? Can we say that it is not man who is on the earth, but the earth and the solar system that revolves around him?

Answer: No. Everything is in the person, in his sensation. No man—no world.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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