Desires That Do Not Strive For Correction

622.01Question: What is the difference between the Egyptians and the mixed multitude? What do the Egyptians inside us want? Are they also egoistic desires?

Answer: The Egyptians just want a good life without any connection with the Creator. This is the usual consumerist attitude toward our world, like with most people. But there are also people who say: “No, we will do what the Creator wants from us,” that is, all kinds of commandments. The Creator’s desires are called commandments.

“We will fulfill these commandments, but not to be similar to the Creator, not for the sake of bestowal and love (after all, all the commandments boil down to “love your neighbor as yourself “), but in order to earn the future world by ourselves.”

Question: When the counting of the twelve tribes was taking place, the mixed multitude was not included there. Are they not related to correction at all?

Answer: No, the mixed multitude is those desires that we do not want to take with us from Egypt, to raise them from there. We cannot lead them across the Yam Suf, Final Sea (Red Sea). Although they chase us and try to bring us back to Egypt by force, we go on further and they either drown at theYam Suf (Red Sea) or return to Egypt.

Question: In the Midrash Raba (Great Commentary) it is written that the mixed multitude provided horses for the chariots of Pharaoh to catch up with the Israelites. What does this mean in spiritual work?

Answer: This means that they give everything to any egoistic forces so to stop those people who want to get out of Egypt.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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