High Voltage Network

938.05The revelation of the Creator depends only on the connection between us, on the nature and the strength of this connection. There is no other way to reveal the Creator except to recreate the network of connections between us within which the Creator can manifest.

Such a network of connection between all was initially created, but later was shattered. Now we need to restore it. The difference is that in doing so, we overcome the ego’s resistance that the Creator brought into all the desires during the shattering, as it is said: “I created the evil inclination.”

However, despite this resistance, we want to restore this connection between us all. And then the Creator will be revealed within this network, because the difference in the potential between the plus and the minus will have emerged, the desire to enjoy and desire to bestow, sufficient for the revelation of the Creator. The Creator will begin to reveal himself in the contrast between these two qualities: giving and receiving.

Otherwise, the creations are not able to reveal the upper force. Before the sin of the tree of knowledge, the creation existed as Adam HaRishon, one soul that did not understand what was happening to it. Its internal network was unable to reveal the Creator; therefore, the Creator had to break it.

Now, in order to reveal the Creator, we must turn the egoistic desire formed during the shattering into the desire for bestowal.

And then, in this difference of potentials, the egoistic desire from shattering and the altruistic desire created during correction, we will reveal the Creator between the plus and the minus. The greater the difference between plus and minus, the greater the revelation of the Creator.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/25/21 ,“The Joy in the Gathering,” Lesson 1

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