The Germ Of Bestowal

945The revelation of the Creator in us begins with a state called the “embryo.” This is the first spiritual action that must be performed by preparing a place within us for the embryo of bestowal, the sensation of the first revelation of the Creator.

For this, it is necessary to achieve mutual inclusion with friends so that our union is not for ourselves, but for the sake of others.

We cannot yet act for the sake of the Creator, and therefore, for now we must love only the creatures in order to come to love the Creator through love for the creatures. The connection should be such that no one is left with their egoism, but wants to join in others, get lost there, drown in friends. If everyone loses their “I,” the force of egoism, then a place will be formed between us for the revelation of the Creator.

This is the preparation for the spiritual embryo:

  1. Nullification by each of oneself.
  2. Exiting oneself and achieving inclusion in others on top of one’s egoism.
  3. Connecting all these mutual inclusions together.

When we reach such a minimum connection, a place is formed in us for the revelation of the Creator who can put on this self-abolition and unification and begin to grow as an embryo within us, the property of bestowal, as one form within another.

We must each time clear a place in ourselves so that this embryo of the force of bestowal grows and develops more and more. We cancel our egoism in all sorts of properties, desires, thoughts, at different levels, each time allowing the force of bestowal to manifest in us instead of the force of receiving. The more we reduce the force of receiving, the more the force of bestowal is clothed in us, that is, the Creator.

At each step, the Creator reveals Himself with greater strength, breadth, and inner depth, until He reigns over all our desires, over the entire earth. The Creator and His name will become one, like one desire and one light, all people in common unity.

And it begins with the fact that each ten creates conditions within themselves for the disclosure of the Creator in order to begin to grow within themselves the embryo of the upper force. Our Malchut corrects itself and can begin to feel the Creator in it. Due to the fact that it makes a reduction in its properties, does not want to use them selfishly, they gradually turn into properties of bestowal.

Thus, the Creator places one form inside another, within our egoistic form, an altruistic form begins to emerge and unfold.

All this is revealed in accordance with our efforts, knowledge, and understanding so that we feel ourselves partners of the Creator in this work; we begin to feel Him, understand Him, and give Him pleasure.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/27/21, “Ibur in the Ten,” Lesson 5

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