When Corporeal Pleasures Suck Us In

627.1Question: How can we feel the Creator’s control over the entire creation? What can we do about corporeal hobbies that suck us in?

Answer: The desires for corporeal pleasures do not disappear. It is said that since the destruction of the Temple, only Kabbalists have the desire for corporeal pleasures.

A person, who reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah is swallowed by the method of study at first and is caught up by it, but after a while all this disappears and one is drawn in different directions.

This is where the spiritual work begins. A person needs to understand that this is how one is drawn to develop spiritually and that now you must constantly keep your goal in front of yourself, find out how to increase your spiritual advancement, how to get closer to the goal, and how not to be distracted by other things. If you are distracted it should be only for a short time and then you should immediately return to the spiritual path again.

Like a person who must eat, but does not stretch it out for two or three hours. Or, for example, feels that he needs to do a little exercise—so he runs for 15-20 minutes and will immediately return to his spiritual work. It is the same with all his other engagements.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/9/18

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