The Difference Between Oral and Written Torah

227Question: Is there any difference between the oral and written Torah in terms of influence on a person?

Answer: Of course. The oral Torah is higher than the written Torah because it is transmitted from mouth to mouth, that is, through common screens between teacher and student.

Question: Even if you wanted to is it impossible to transmit that in writing?

Answer: No. Nobody would understand. These are not words.

Question: Is that why the Torah says that it is forbidden?

Answer: What the Torah calls forbidden means impossible, impossible to transfer. When the people went into exile, they began to write everything down because it was necessary to somehow save something. There was such a desire and a law was passed to allow recording.

Question: Why is it not clear what is written in the Talmud, Mishnah, and The Book of Zohar?

Answer: Everything is clear in the Talmud and Mishnah. Everything is explained there allegorically, in the language of branches.

Comment: But to a person who is not in attainment, this is incomprehensible.

My Response: For a person who is not in spiritual attainment or who does not understand even approximately what is said in all these books, the whole Torah, everything that he discovers is like a textbook on biology, zoology, history, or some kind of fairy tale.

In fact, the Torah is an instruction for the correct mutual inclusion and unification of people, in which the Creator or life is manifested, which, in principle, is the same. Like when cells in the body are connected, life manifests itself in it, so when people unite with each other, the vital force is manifested at the next level.

There are people who have attained this and described it in their writings. Therefore, everything stated by them is called the written Torah.

There are things that cannot be described. They are revealed only through internal contact between teacher and student, which is called word of mouth (mi peh el peh). This is the oral Torah.
From KabTV’s”Spiritual States” 6/3/19

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