Cohens, Levites, Israel

557Zohar for All, VaYera: “You shall multiply the nation, you shall increase their gladness” are the priests. “They will be glad in Your presence as with the gladness of harvest” are Israel, whom the Creator blesses with the crop of the field and they give tithing from everything. “As they rejoice when they divide the spoil” are the Levites, who receive a tithing from the barn.

The Creator is the quality of bestowal and love. To reach love of your neighbor is the main commandment, the basis of the entire Torah, of everything we need to come to. If we reach this quality, we will become similar to the Creator. This is the purpose of our development.

Why do we exist now, here, in this world? This is in order for us to create a condition where the quality of bestowal and love, called the Creator, is revealed between us by returning to this world until we reach the quality to bestow to our neighbor.

On the way to acquiring this quality, we have several forces that we can somehow vary, control, and eventually form in ourselves. There are only two forces: the right force is the force of bestowal, the force of the Creator, which we can attract if we want to correct the left line, the force of egoism that exists in us. These two opposing forces are represented by Cohen (priest) and Levy.

The third force, the middle line, we create ourselves by combining the right and the left ones to form from ourselves similarity to the Creator, which is called “Israel” (“Yashar El,” “straight to the Creator”), meaning the one who is aiming to similarity to the Creator. This is our task.

Therefore, it is said: take all that you can from the Cohen, from the right force that shines some kind of light upon you, and take all that you can from the left line, from your egoism.

With the help of the right line we need to explore the left one. To separate the tithe from it, the part that you are not able to correct, because it is your egoism and it is too big. Therefore, you can correct ninety percent of it, but you cannot correct the remaining ten percent.

That is, the correction of this part is that you simply separate it without working on yourself. Close your eyes, tear it away from yourself, and that’s it. In this way it corrects itself. You can correct the other ninety percent in the right line because its force can handle ninety percent of the left line.

When you correctly combine them with each other, connecting all your egoistic qualities to the intention in order to bestow with the right line, you build a middle line, which is called “Israel—straight to the Creator,” similarly to the Creator.

Question: What does it mean “You shall multiply the nation”?

Answer: It means to lift yourself up by your work. When you build the middle line, you are always lifting yourself up on it, as if on an elevator, in greater and greater similarity to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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