Brownian Motion

538Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: Everything in reality, good or bad, and even the most harmful in the world, has a right to exist and must not be destroyed and eradicated from the world. We must only mend and reform it because any observation of the work of creation is enough to teach us about the greatness and perfection of its Operator and Creator. 

Question: Terrible things have happened throughout history: monstrous murders, the genocide of entire nations. Can you explain how the worst states help advance humanity toward a higher goal?

Answer: The fact is that we consist of one very vivid desire to enjoy. We want to feel good. And when we feel bad, it pushes us to the next, as it seems to us, better state. In it, we feel like we are coming out of the past for a while, but we still feel that it is bad in it. It also pushes us to the next state. And so we move constantly.

This is our destiny, our fate, our history, our development, and everything that happens.

How can we not move like that by chance, along Brownian motion, from this “bad” to another “bad,” a third, and so on? How can we see our path in advance so that we can move from bad to good, and from good to even better?

This does not happen. There are better periods, worse periods, but in principle, nothing radically better happens.

So we have a problem: what is happening to us and to nature? We see how intelligent nature has created physical bodies, minds, qualities, feelings, and everything else, that is, a huge super-organism in which we are small, but very nasty bugs.

Question: Is all this for us to realize the evil of our egoistic nature?

Answer: Not only. Obviously, through this awareness we can come to change ourselves, and in accordance with this, to change the whole of nature. After all, on the one hand, we are the most egoistic beings in this world, and on the other hand, we are the most active, strong, and powerful.

So we need to figure out what we can do with our great potential and our great evil egoism.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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