A Life Devoid Of Real Pleasure

507.04Question: If we speak about the awareness of the evil of the egoistic nature of man, do we proceed from the postulate that our nature is evil?

Evil relates to some kind of standard. The standard is the Creator or the upper force, the property of which is bestowal. We, as a creature, are the opposite of this force, so our nature is evil in relation to it. Can you say that?

Answer: Usually, this is not how we arrive at it. In principle, we do not consider our nature to be either evil or good. We just see that throughout life, from generation to generation, people waste their time. They try to fill themselves with some small pleasures, but neither we nor our children or our grandchildren have real pleasure from life.

Life is short. Moreover, it is flawed, unhappy, and empty. Therefore, an empty, short life is not of any kind of value.

From generation to generation, it begins to be felt by us more and more not as a gift, but as a misfortune, like something pressing on us, some kind of evil fate that has imposed this existence on us. No wonder it is said that the happy are those who were not born compared to those who were born.

But all this comes from the fact that we do not see the world as we actually could arrange it. Based on that, various theories appear that tell us what to do with ourselves and with our lives.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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