How To Find A Kindred Soul

632.3Comment: An Indian wisdom says, “Neither mother nor wife, nor brother, nor children can be trusted as much as a true friend.”

My Response: This is obvious. Because all of them are related to you biologically, they depend on you, and you on them. If not for this biological dependence, they probably would not be close to you.

And the one who is close to you without being your relative, is close to you mentally, you can really tell him more, explain more to him, and be closer to him.

A friend is a completely different level. You are close to each other. You are already created in this one soul of Adam in such a way that there is some connection between you. Yet, you are not related. Connections between relatives are only good at the level of our world. However, a sensory, spiritual connection is only possible with friends.

Question: Who do you call a true friend?

Answer: The one, with whom you can connect in order to reveal the Creator. Here the Creator is the source of our connection, so we feel close to each other, and we develop this connection in order to reveal the Creator more.

The Creator created us close to each other because He wants to be revealed in us. We feel this between us as a kind of spiritual closeness, and therefore we are friends, we get closer to each other in order to reveal Him between us even more.

Question: So, His summon comes first?

Answer: Of course. All of this is the system of Adam, in which we are all closed, tied up. It is all planned in advance. We just need to make a little effort by ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/22/20

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