Love The Teacher

766.4Question: How are the teacher and his students defined in the spiritual system? How do they search for find each other? We all seemed to have some kind of call, an awakening.

Answer: It depends on our connection in the common soul, which manifests itself in this world.

The last time I was in England, I met with a Sufi spiritual teacher. He was a very old man, he never even got out of bed anymore. But all the time a young man, a native Englishman John, 30 to 35 years old was busying around him. He literally crawled in front of the teacher on his knees, helped him, looked after him.

I spoke with this Sufi, who is very famous in the Arab world, by the way. He himself is from Iran, but he left there in time because the Sufis were persecuted there.

I told him about my teacher, and that he had recently died. When I asked him if he could be my teacher, he answered very simply, “You know that you must love me.” A very direct answer. That is right, this is the way they choose. That is, if you begin to love the teacher for what you hear, for what you get from him, then you are a student, and he is a teacher, and if not, then not.

Question: For nothing else? After all, many people are looking for a kind of patron, some kind of father figure.

Answer: No, then this is not spirituality.

Comment: When one listens to your lessons, one is overwhelmed with great joy and delight, a feeling that fills, inspires, and comforts. Is this the right response? It cannot be ordered, it is either there or not.

My Response: This is correct. Everything depends on the opening of the soul in the student who hears what the teacher says, and his soul thus responds.

Question: What if the person does not respond, but still really wants to?

Answer: It means that he will respond soon.
From KabTv’s “Teacher-Student” 7/2/19

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