Equality In Opportunities

600.02Question: Throughout history, Kabbalists have evolved and understood the highest law: The is Creator in a group where everyone is equal. Is equality considered a fundamental principle of such a group?

Answer: Of course. We create the same conditions for everyone, give them the same knowledge leading to the same force. At the same time, everyone connects with each other to absorb from it properties and strength for their development. And then each develops within himself according to the original data—the spiritual genes that exist in each of them.

Question: So equality does not mean 50 – 50: where you give 50 percent of the  effort and I give the same? Equality is that I give the maximum and so do you?

Answer: Equality means equal opportunity. Everyone takes in as much as they can and in the manner they need. Just like in our world one is an artist, another a poet, a third a builder, a fourth a metal worker, and everyone takes from life what is closer to him, and everyone should give to the world to the best of their ability.

Question: That is, we are equal in our efforts to get closer to the upper force?

Answer: We are equal in our efforts to strive for the upper force in order to unite in it in our specific, equal efforts.
From Kab’s TV “Spiritual State” 4/29/19

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