“To Observe The Secret Of His Master”

214The Book of Zohar : The wisdom that one should know: to know and to observe the secret of his Master, to know himself, to know who he is, how he was created, where he comes from and where he is going, how the body is corrected, and how he will be judged by the King of All.

In order to understand himself, man must understand his master, the Creator, because we are created, as it is said allegorically, in His image and likeness. So, I need to understand this image, and then I will discern my likeness to Him.

How can I reveal the Creator so that I would know myself? To do this I must change, and then I will feel and see Him. It turns out that when I attain the Creator, I attain myself. It is a process of self-discovery.

When I create the image of the Creator inside me, my similarity to Him, I find myself corrected. And this is one single image. Therefore, “man” in Hebrew is called Adam, from the word Domeh—like the Creator.

That is, the part of me that will become like the Creator will be called man in me. And everything else in me that is not like the Creator is called an animal.

Question: What does it mean to “observe the secret of his Master”?

Answer: The secrets are the plans. Why did He create everything? How? Why did he create me with just five senses to perceive the universe and myself in this way? Why do I live for such a short time? What should I achieve in this life? Why was I created with such qualities, in such circumstances, in such a family, in such an era? I mean, I want to know everything.

When I master all this knowledge about creation, I will know everything that relates to me. And perhaps I will find in this the means to change my destiny, to be able to rise above my fate, to live a certain number of years on this earth, and then die. Maybe I can improve my life, and maybe I can even rise to a level where I will be above it, be eternal and perfect as the Creator.

Why not? If nature is eternal, if it exists in an ideal form excluding only us, then why cannot I be the same integral element of it with all the consequences?
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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