The Book Of Zohar: In The Silent River

526The Book of Zohar, Chapter Bo, Item 68: It has another way of approaching the herbs: When the quiet Nile returns from Malchut to its place, when it rises and falls. Since its waters are still, it walks quietly and the great monster climbs unto those Niles and is not there in the still Nile. And all the herbs grow around that still Nile on either side. Then, that monster climbs unto the herbs and grows among them, and then returns to all these Niles.

These rivers are silent because they consist only of the property of Hassadim, the property of mercy, bestowal. They do not have egoistic desires; they do not work with the ego, thus they are so quiet as if the water did not flow anywhere, still, calm, silent water. Eternal peace.

Hassadim is the property of Bina, the property of sufficiency; it does not need anything for itself. Everything can stop and freeze. Only if needed for someone else, then Bina will start using those desires. If someone needs something, she will absorb those desires and the river will begin to murmur, merrily filling the one who needs it.

In the meantime, no one needs it. Therefore, even the large green crocodile personifying wisdom has no place for existence there. In this state, it does not exist because there is nothing and no one to excite any desires, thoughts, or decisions, because everything is still in an absolutely frozen state.

There are only small ups and downs, small excitements in this calm water, which prepare changes in future states. That is, the property of Bina lays down future changes in us, but we still do not feel them and go with the flow.

Question: Do we feel this state while reading The Book of Zohar?

Answer: I feel a tremendous power in this, which prepares me from within for tremendous changes. I am like an embryo in its mother’s womb, in an absolutely secure state: he does not need to think about anything, decide anything; the mother does everything.

She prepared everything for him, developed him, and now she is pushing him out along with those calm waters in which he existed. He must be born now.

Here, finally, new forces appear in him when quiet, calm waters turn into pushing ones, helping him to be born. And then there is the next development of events.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar,” Part 1

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