Be Envious, Even Jealous!

552.02Question: Do you think that envy is a positive quality?

Answer: Yes! Without it, a person cannot advance!

Question: Even if initially it is egoistic?

Answer: One nevertheless is moving forward.

Question: If a person has already crossed the barrier (Machsom) and can balance both forces within themself, altruistic and egoistic, then what kind of envy is there?

Answer: Envy is good in any form. It moves a person forward. It develops one’s egoism to the point where one understands that one cannot advance with egoism and he or she begins to correct it to altruism.

Question: Is there such a thing as envying the Creator?

Answer: But this already is a very advanced state. Here it is necessary not to be mistaken, which means to envy the Creator.

We should envy Him because the Creator is the quality of absolute bestowal and absolute love. If you envy Him in this, then it is very good, be envious, even jealous.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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