Don’t Be Afraid Of Death

294.4Question: One of your listeners wrote to you:

Dear Michael Laitman,

You say that all diseases are from egoism, that if you restore balance with nature, then a person will not get sick. I really believe you. I feel this is correct, the things you say, but I have little time.

I knew that I would get sick, my parents died from the same cancer that I have today. These are genes, nothing can be done about it. What to do? How do I prepare to die? What to think about? Or maybe
can I somehow recover and live?

Be healthy and strong.

Answer: First, we must do everything that medicine says. As the Torah says: “A doctor has been given the right to heal.” Take a doctor whom you can trust, trust him, and surrender yourself into his hands.

Question: He asks: “What to do? How can I prepare for death? What to think about?”

Answer: No need to prepare. Let him take Kabbalistic books; they are written by people who sense both this world and the other world which is on the other side of egoism. Then he will have a better idea of himself, and perhaps he will have enough time to feel this other world, enter it, and be in it.

In practice, the barrier between life and death for him will not be so fatal, unexpected, frightening, but on the contrary, he will be very calm about it.

Question: When you say, “other world,” there are many explanations for this. For him, for Alexander, what is it?

Answer: The otherworld is on the other side of our today’s nature. Our nature today is egoism. If during our lifetime we can reach the next state, the second, opposite to this, that is, the altruistic state, then we will practically begin to feel this next world, the upper world, the second world.

There are two possibilities, two worlds. In that state, we can exist forever because there is nothing to correct, nothing to destroy. In this respect, it exists outside of time.

I would advise him to start reading our books as soon as possible and enter the states that they describe. Because, in principle, in his state, all this is possible and easy.

Question: What to think about? Tell me, please.

Answer: About what you now want to feel and find out, and what is being done there, beyond this border of life and death.

Question: That is, I admit that I am dying the moment I start thinking about it?

Answer: So, what? We can admit all of this.

Question: Are you very calm about this?

Answer: Wait a minute. After a certain number of years, I will also be gone. You and everyone. So, what is the problem? We should all be accepting what kind of state we are passing into, what remains of us, of this world, of this life, and into what state we are moving with what remains of us.

This is preparation for death. That is, the spirit, the property, of bestowal, which man has created over his egoistic matter; it does not leave him, and with this he continues.

Question: What he writes at the end: “Maybe I can somehow recover and live?”

Answer: Maybe this will restore him for a while. I say for a while, it can be for tens of years. But it is all the same “for a while.” Because our world was created in order to change to a perfect world.

Question: I read this letter and it moved me. Are you saying that this is life, death will come, one way or another?

Answer: Do not be afraid of that. It is best to understand what our next state is after the death of the animal organism, and how we stay with our spiritual organism.

Question: So, we can stay?

Answer: We stay! We will definitely stay! My “I” remains and has nothing to do with my body.

Question: So you are saying, grab onto my real self?

Answer: Yes, and develop it and live in it now.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/23/20

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