The Secret Effect Of The Book Of Zohar

525Question: When we read The Book of Zohar together with an audience, does it affect them?

Answer: It gives them a certain impression, a certain image. They do not even feel how much something has changed in them. With these stories, we arouse in them concealed qualities that they did not suspect they had.

That is the secret effect of The Book of Zohar. It talks about things that exist very deep inside of you, and it arouses these inner qualities within you. You suddenly begin to feel: “Something is happening within me, this Book is doing something in me.” You do not understand what it does, but you feel movement inside you, something in you changes.

Question: Is this for the best? Is there no danger of negative feelings here?

Answer: Absolutely not! We are now in a state where the entire world must change. This Book is our guide because we will still change even without it, but under very harsh influences of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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