The Unsolved Rebus Of The Creator

629.3Question: Is it possible to influence the development and course of events or are they predetermined?

Answer: On one hand, they are predetermined, but on the other hand, I can influence their implementation to the extent that I understand that they are predetermined.

Comment: It sounds like a rebus.

My Response: Because there are two types of freedom of will: from the side of nature and from the side of man. And if they understand each other—nature and man (or the Creator and man)—then their plans combine together and get realized.

To the extent that a person can make of himself what nature wants from him, he predetermines his ascent to that level.

Question: What does nature want from us?

Answer: It wants us to be good and kind. Good and kind so that everyone, everyone indeed, is happy with you. Not in our world. In our world we are surrounded by egoists and this cannot happen.

When I talk about humanity, about nature, I mean a completely different level of existence.

Question: When will they be happy with me? What is this goodness that is expected of me?

Answer: When you correct all the people and they become absolutely kind, perfect, and corrected. This is your responsibility. By this, you correct yourself. After all, you see yourself in people. You see the reflection of yourself. In this way, you correct the Creator.

Question: The Creator needs to be corrected?

Answer: Of course. We must make Him! He does not exist at all. You must make Him! And constantly try to make Him better and better. This is what the Torah says: “As though you have made Me.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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