The First Degree

439In the corporeal world, the most important thing in order to advance is to open the gate and enter. But it is different in spirituality because advancement is built on top of everything we have lived through.

Therefore, the locked gate is not visible at all, it seems to be a solid wall. Man feels that there is a wall in his way, and suddenly, an entrance appears in this wall and allows him to pass.

Yet, before the entrance opened, it was entirely impossible to see that there was a locked door in the wall. There was no sign that there was an opening in the wall.

That is why it is so important to understand what this wall and these locks at the entrances are. Now the whole world is under lock and key, in quarantine. This is also a kind of concealment, which is revealed more and more in order for us to imagine what removing the locks, that is, revelation, means and to invite it as quickly as possible.

We feel that we are imprisoned, in darkness, in a narrow and dark world, but we want to reveal the upper force in it and that there is nothing besides it, which means that it is this force that depicts everything that happens to us for us.

So, it does not matter what state we are in, the main thing is to try to reveal in it this one force about which it is said “I dwell among my own people.” The most important thing is to feel that in any dark state we are in connection with the Creator and to try to adhere to Him.

It follows that we do not need to look for a door in the wall. In the place where we can rise by faith above reason, according to our prayer, request, desire, and invoking the help of the upper force, the opening will appear in the wall and allow us to pass. Just as the Red Sea parted during the exodus from Egypt.

In the place where we unite in our desire to pass, we find an opening and go through it.

Faith above reason is what opens the entrance in the wall. The wall is our egoism that separates us from the quality of bestowal. We stand on one side of the wall in the world of egoism, and beyond is the world of bestowal where we want to go. This transition is performed by faith above reason, that is, to the extent that I am capable in my current state to depict that the wall is opening, the intention of bestowal is revealed inside my egoistic desire. This will be the opening.

I understand that I am not capable of bestowing, but I really want it and am ready to do anything to reach it. This is the clash between the existing and the desired states. If we annul ourselves before each other in order to connect, we create a quality that is close to bestowal, and this is our plea to the Creator to help us, to open the entrance for us, the transition from the qualities of reception to the qualities of bestowal, as if crossing the Red Sea.

To find the keys to all the locks means to connect Malchut to Bina and reach the opening. However, this is not a mechanical but an emotional revelation.

The feeling that we are standing in front of a locked door comes from the fact that we are becoming integrated in the group and trying to break into the hearts of the friends in order to connect as one man. Then we discover that there is a wall that prevents us from doing this.

In fact, this wall is the Creator Himself. All we have to do is pressure, persuade, beg, and pray as much as possible until all locks are opened and the walls between us are removed.

When we try to connect in the ten, we feel that something is pushing us away, preventing us from connecting in one heart. There are 125 degrees in the feeling of one heart each of which includes three stages: Ibur (Conception), Yenika (Nursing), and Mochin (Adulthood). We should try to break through the first degree, to reach connection in one desire so that we are together in one heart, in one feeling of unity.

This is the first breakthrough into spirituality when we begin to act as one spiritual cell from which we will then grow. A drop of spiritual semen from which the body will develop is required.

There are several conditions for this: to be included in the upper (in the ten), to annul before each other in order to merge into one cell, and thus to break through into the spiritual world and begin to grow there. The most difficult thing is the first action: to become a spiritual embryo.

Every heart is locked. We must unlock each heart and connect them all together. Then we lock the entire ten with one lock called restriction, screen, and reflected light, which locks us together in a common spiritual action with respect to the Creator.

We put this lock on the connection between us and ask the Creator not to let us escape from the group and break this connection, and thus we connect with the upper force.

By praying for my friends, by begging the Creator to help them, I break the lock on my heart. Praying for the friends is a means to break my unfeeling heart.

All our hearts are locked with egoistic locks and they feel nothing but their egoism. I cannot unlock this lock myself; I can only ask the Creator to do it.

However, it is even better to ask for the friends in the ten, each one for the others. This is most effective when I ask not for myself, but for others, even if it is a formal request.

After all, I was always asking for myself: “Help me, do this for me!” And now I am asking for others as if I exist in the ten only to pray for my friends, to establish a connection between them and the Creator. This is my only role; I do not want anything but this, I completely nullify myself as if I do not exist. My only purpose is to provide a connection from the Creator to the nine friends and from them to the Creator.

If I try to build such relationships, the Creator will begin to take care of the ten through me.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/21, “Breaking the Barriers to Spirituality”

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