The Algorithm We Must Learn

269Question: Why is there such an imbalance in what comes down to people from corporations and government is perceived as negative and what originates in people is perceived as positive?

Answer: The fact is that we have already gone through previous growth when everything descended to people from masters, officials, corporations, no matter from whom and what.

And now we have reached a state where only by agreement among us can we arrive at a new social contract. But not in the form that has been laid down throughout the history of mankind. Today this agreement should be created on mutual agreement and understanding between people of the general law of their development.

This is a spiritual law that is higher than people. They must study it, see that it is applied in our lives, understand and accept it. There can be no other way out than uniting people and connecting them through the special algorithm of this law.

It is described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot and in the articles of my teacher Rabash. But all this must continue to develop, and the main thing is to teach and to explain verbally what is written there so that everyone can understand.

Question: Which brand is the most relevant today? What would be best for a person?

Answer: Revelation of the higher managing system, this is what we need. This is the algorithm that must be learned.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 1/12/21

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