New Year’s Miracle On The Doorstep

631.5Comment: I want a miracle! I really want a miracle. Always, in better times, before the New Year everyone was anticipating some kind of New Year’s miracle. Not only as children, but also as adults, we await this miracle. And today, we are also waiting for a miracle that everything will change, that there will be a new situation, a better and more favorable one. Look at this world! It is waiting for a miracle!

My Response: If it is still waiting for a miracle, then it is still in its childhood. What miracle can there be? Only the one that we create.

Question: It means you believe in miracles?

Answer: I believe in miracles that we do ourselves, if we really do them. My whole life has convinced me of this. And there is no point in expecting a miracle. Otherwise, nothing good happens.

Everything will change for the better if you do it. And if you do not, everything will change for the worse.

Question: So your viewpoint on life is so materialistic?

Answer: Absolutely.

Comment: The new year has come, and everyone is waiting for everything to return back to the way it was. People are waiting for the miracle that everything will change. You see, it still lives in a person.

You say you do not believe in miracles. You believe in a “do it yourself” miracle.

My Response: Yes. When I clearly know what I am waiting for and what needs to be done for this, I try to do everything I can. And if this is at least partially successful, then it is already a miracle.

Question: Then tell me, what miracle can a person do with his own hands so that his life really turns for the better and takes a victorious path?

Answer: For this he must change himself because everything else is not in his power. And he can change himself if he acts according to his nature. It has made him this way, and he can remake himself.

Question: Will it be a miracle if he realizes that his nature is egoistic, that his nature is evil? Will this already be the beginning of a miracle?

Answer: Otherwise, there will be no changes for the better. Unfortunately, I must announce it to everyone.

Question: If a person does not start to take care of himself, to correct himself, no miracles should be expected?

Answer: No. Miracles cannot be relied on. They do not exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/28/20

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