Try It And See For Yourself

120Question: A person can get closer to others only if he sees a benefit in it for himself. Of course, the spiritual gain is even greater: revealing the upper force or entering another level of existence. Can anything else motivate him?

Answer: The society can help him by directing him correctly toward the goal.

Question: Perhaps it would suffice to tell him that he would have a good life and that it would be worth it?

Answer: No one will believe that. A person can start to feel this in the right type of society. Only this way, would he be able to set himself up for a relationship based on connection and brotherhood with others, even to the point of love. Then he could truly start to feel the new level of existence.

Comment: It is puzzling that we are willing to die for some future life but not to unite with others for the sake of this future life.

My Response: Because we do not believe or feel that it is possible. No one is offering the perspective that nature has this in store for us.

Comment: Today, everyone from politicians to philosophers talks about unification and mutual guarantee.

My Response: They just talk, no one tries to prove it.

Comment: An interesting thing is that no one has proven that there is a God or that we go to heaven, but people still believe these things.

My Response: It is their business what they believe. It is pointless to try to prove anything to them since everyone goes along with their egoistic nature. One builds his own world according to it and experiences various problems. Suddenly the science of Kabbalah enters and says, “You can solve this problem by rising above the world that you created.”

Comment: But people do not buy into it.

My Response: You should not believe anything! Try it and see for yourself! That is the only way it works.

When you try it with your friends in the group, you begin to see that it works and that this is the only way we will be able to exist in nature; first in a small environment and then in larger and larger ones. You influence each other and perform actions that evoke the upper light. It changes you and you become a different person.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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