Love Is A Union

571.03Question: What convinces a person to accept the idea of universal equality? Although we are all different, equality means that love will cover all transgressions. What information should be given to a person in order for him to understand this?

Answer: Love will cover all transgressions is the law of nature to which we must advance. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will master the upper world and the highest state; we will achieve perfection, completeness, and the true sensation of where we are.

Comment: But if this is a law of nature, then let’s work with scientists.

My Response: No, the attainment of the highest state does not pertain to scientists because it occurs within a person as he changes his nature from egoistic to altruistic. This is not what earthly science does. It doesn’t have such tools.

Comment: Everyone can understand that the rejection between us is a sin, but grasping how to build love, based on this, is completely incomprehensible.

When you are specifically asked about a certain situation, how to act in it, it is impossible to explain it. You cannot tell someone how to cover rejection with love if he has one opinion and I have another.

My Response: The fact is that you cannot transform yourself in one movement. This requires constant training with friends in a group, in a small society, where you restore and simulate the spiritual law love your neighbor as yourself.

This is a long-term, educational, upbringing-type of process after which your perception of the world changes. Then, you can come to a state in which you are able to unite above all the varieties. Love is union.
From KabTV’s “”Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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