Four Hypostases Of A Single Spiritual Root

631.3Question: There are four races: white—European, yellow—Asian, black—African, and red—the indigenous people of Latin America. What is the origin of human races? Does each race have a specific function?

Answer: No. The origin is in the spiritual world. They are in no way connected to our world, but they give their imprint, their effect in it.

Everything spiritual is under one single root: the four-letter name of the Creator. What does it mean? The Creator manifests itself in our world in four stages, in four hypostases. Therefore, four categories of all kinds descend from a common root into our world. For example: four seasons (winter, autumn, spring, summer), four human races, and so on.

Question: But are there any internal differences?

Answer: Of course there are. But they do not matter. If we want to connect to our spiritual root, then everyone rises to it. We have a common goal, and we can help each other in this common goal.

Moreover, our differences do not prevent us from uniting and achieving the common goal in which we are so connected that the unification remains and all physical, moral, and other differences disappear.

Question: It is not even worth going into what purpose each race has: some sing better, some reveal the laws of nature better, etc.?

Answer: These are mutual complements that will gradually begin to manifest more and more, and we will all admire and enjoy our diversity.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/14/20

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