Could There Be Too Much Knowledge?

182.02Question: There are people who want to learn as much as possible. Can a person gain too much knowledge?

Answer: Unfortunately, often a person fills himself with rubbish, the so-called Klipot. In general, this is unnecessary knowledge that hinders because we are very weak in perceiving and processing information and in making decisions.

Therefore, it is worth limiting ourselves to some clear area or to sensory information cloud in which we could properly develop.

Question: It is said: “He who increases knowledge increases pain.” What does it mean?

Answer: This can be considered from two points of view. One, I am trying to acquire knowledge that I absolutely do not need, and then I just get confused in it and distract myself with something unnecessary. Or I acquire knowledge that brings me pain, but this pain directs me to search for truth and happiness.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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