To Likeness Without Distinction

568.01Question: Is multiculturalism, as a state policy, a breakthrough or a failure? Sometimes it seems that people are already willing to unite but politicians and the media do not allow us to do this and incite hatred between peoples.

Answer: At some stage of our development, multiculturalism should exist, but in the end it will not have a place. We must come to such a state in which we understand that we must be just people, as similar to each other as possible, without any distinguishing features.

Comment: But you have one taste, I have another. All the same, the differences will remain.

My Response: These are all habits, there is nothing in them.

Comment: You always say that there should be variety. Therefore, life appeared at the higher level.

My Response: Don’t refer to it as culture. We were not born into a culture, we acquire it, and therefore, this is not some rigorous truth.

Diversity should relate to the fact that we give a person the opportunity to move forward into full unification with others, in full union with them. As a result, as it is said, you will have one language, one family, and one society, and everyone will be very similar to each other. It is because we are similar to each other, although internally different, that we will enjoy.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 16/10/20

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