Does The Appearance Of The Teacher Interfere With Perceiving Him?

592.04Comment: Some researchers state that 50% of information between people is transmitted, not verbally, but by facial expressions and gestures, 38% by voice intonation, and only 7% directly through words. From this, they conclude that the most important thing is how you look and not what you say.

My Response: We live in a material world. The people I teach are in various material and spiritual states. Therefore, one must take into account their ability to be close to the source of the information.

They can be repelled by the lecturer’s behavior, his image, his language, maybe his smell, etc. That is, there is a whole complex process of communication here involving words, facial expressions, gestures; communication occurs through whatever you want.

These factors must be taken into account and expressed in such a way so that the learner or person who you want to convey the information to can be as close to you as possible without having to make additional efforts to overcome all sorts of barriers between you.

Question: During teaching, is it important to you how you look and what you say? Are you careful with every word you say?

Answer: Firstly, I am dealing with students who have known me for more than one year, more than even ten years.

As for scientists with whom I often engage in conversation, they are very simple in their communication. Today, they are no longer as arrogant and vain as they were 30 to 40 years ago. They now understand how limited science is and how it depends on our understanding of nature because it acts within a very narrow framework that is set by human psychology.

Therefore, now, it is much easier to talk to them since they are ready to scrutinize all sorts of aspects of their science in the most simple way. I’m very happy about that. This happened not so long ago, about 10 to 15 years ago. They have a common feeling that there are no “sacred cows”; it is very easy to communicate with them freely, without any “gloves.”

Question: Do you think that facial expressions, gestures, and appearance are important when transmitting information?

Answer: Every year they become less and less important. Look how much simpler scientists have begun to dress.

Question: Why is it that such a small percentage of communication is allotted to words? Do you agree that words are rather difficult for a person to comprehend?

Answer: This is the way we are made. We perceive the biggest amount of information through our sight, a little less through our hearing, and even less through our taste, smell, and tactile sensations.

Question: What are the most effective methods of transferring information? Do you know?

Answer: From heart to heart, but this is a different technique.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/24/20

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