The Criteria For Equality

546.02Question: What are the criteria for equality?

Answer: Equality is when both partners agree to relatively equal terms. That is, I want to be your equal in that we are both able to give away everything above the cost of living. In this case, we are equal. This is what we must start from and besides that, there is no common denominator, no bar.

Comment: You once wrote that equality is complementing each other and not equalization. “We must squeeze out the realization of the potential that they can bestow to society.”

My Response: “Squeeze” may sound somewhat rude, rather, we should help a person to realize himself.

It does not matter if it is a housewife or the head of government—each of them gives the maximum in their field. In this they are definitely equal. Let us say, there is some kind of heavenly court, they end their earthly life, go up there, and the head of government sees a housewife next to him.

Question: Are we all equal before God or is there some kind of hierarchy there too?

Answer: Everyone is equal, absolutely everyone.

Question: It turns out that we equalize not by becoming similar but by striving for a common goal?

Answer: Yes, and we understand that our goal is bestowing to our society.

Equality is defined in relation to my efforts to get closer to other people. For example, I devote ten hours a day to uniting other people and someone else devotes two hours to this. But this is his maximum, that is how he is built, and in this we are equal.

Question: Can this be called spiritual equality?

Answer: Of course, but spiritual equality also implies voluntary bestowal. All the hours, all the opportunities, that a person bestows for the good of society, regardless of anything, is spiritual bestowal. Then, according to this, we can judge the equality of people.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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