Darkness Is Deepest Before Dawn


In the News (thejournal): “John Lennon’s killer [Mark Chapman] apologises to Yoko Ono for his ‘despicable act’…

“During the [parole] hearing, Chapman said he killed Lennon, 40, for ‘glory’ and admitted he deserves the death penalty.

“’I just want to reiterate that I’m sorry for my crime,’ he said. ‘I have no excuse. This was for self-glory.’ …

“He said: ‘I assassinated him, to use your word earlier, because he was very, very, very famous and that’s the only reason and I was very, very, very, very much seeking self-glory, very selfish.”

Question: How is it possible that his desire to be, as he writes, “very-very-very-very” famous is above everything else, above life and death?

Answer: This is the easiest way to become famous. It is because he worked off someone else’s reward. Lennon had risen so much that he became famous and respected by everyone. While this guy, in a single moment, pressed the trigger and killed him and instantly gained the same amount of fame.

Question: What about his own life? There is no life afterward. He faced a lifetime sentence.

Answer: Had he continued being who he was, nothing would have come of him. But now he’s famous everywhere.

Comment: What an ego there is inside us! There’s an eternity in it!

My Response: Certainly.

Question: So it comes down to fame above all else?

Answer: He climbed to Lennon’s level.

Question: Meaning, that without applying any effort, having any talent or anything else, he rose to his level? Is this a natural human desire or is this still a special desire?

Answer: No. This is a specific individual that simply cannot, does not understand, cannot find any other way to do something with himself, to raise himself above others except for going about it in such a special way.

I understand him. What else can he do if there is a voice speaking inside him that he simply must be at least as famous as Lennon.

Question: What if this person would have a glimmer of thought about the meaning of life, would he not have committed this act?

Answer: Of course not. Why sacrifice your life? To serve 40 years? Where’s the sense in that?

Question: So, in reality, all that humanity is lacking is a small ray of light in this dark kingdom, is that so?

Answer: Yes. I think that little by little we will overcome this stupidity.

Question: Why wouldn’t the Creator shed this light just a little bit?

Answer: It is prohibited. He cannot do so. The Creator has no right to! Otherwise, He would violate this fundamental law of nature that egoism is completely opposite to Him!

Question: What does this law give us?

Answer: That man can become equal to the Creator at the end of his correction. Otherwise he will not.

Question: Will He suppress him in this way? Will a person run after this ray of light and will always be chasing it?

Answer: Yes. In fact, maybe he’d be able to achieve something in the middle. But a person must become equal to the Creator, free in his manifestations, and choose by free choice exactly similarity to the Creator, and achieve the similarity with the Creator in spite of all problems, specifically in spite of all problems, becoming independent, that is, creating another image of the Creator out of all the laws and qualities of the universe.

If the Creator does this—there’s no point in that! He has no right to interfere, to change one iota of these conditions.

Question: So is complete darkness coming in a little while?

Answer: Yes, of course! The deepest darkness will settle in before the final correction.

Question: Before the ascent?

Answer: Yes. We have not seen this yet.

Question: So this is not final yet?

Answer: No. There will be general outrage. As it is written, there will be the rise of all the nations against Israel, and so on. Just terrible things.

Comment: You are saying “terrible” and “outrage,” and yet you still have some kind of inner joy.

My Response: I feel joy because this is a necessary stage that we have to go through, and we can go through it rather well by placing the light against the darkness. And then it will truly be a great jolt forward.

Question: So what will humanity have to do if they now start feeling complete chaos and darkness?

Answer: First, we have to rise up to that level. Complete chaos and darkness will not be revealed unless we have the ability to bring out the light to offset this darkness.

Question: Meaning, the Creator sends only what we can overcome? Will we be able to overcome this and get back on our feet?

Answer: Of course. But in the meanwhile, you see that it’s dragging on and on. The more we will tell the world about what is going on and what to do, the more the problems will arise and the faster we will solve them.

Question: Then why do you keep telling the world to come to its senses? It does not need to come to its senses, let it descend into complete darkness.

Answer: This is how it will be brought there. The more we know, the faster we will get there. But we do have to go through it!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/1/20

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