Work On Egoism

631.1Question: There is the so-called Ringelmann effect when, as the number of group members increases, the average individual contribution decreases.

Let’s say you and I can each lift 100 kilograms. If we are together, we lift much less and if there are eight of us, then we will hoist about 50% of what everyone can lift. This is called social laziness.

Moreover, the larger the number in the group, the more this effect manifests. How can this data be used to unite the group?

Answer: We need to show people how egoistic we are and how much we must give ourselves entirely to the general ascent in order to ultimately completely raise everything that we can.

Comment: Anyways, when we are in the ten and you give us some task, but I am personally not responsible for its implementation, my activity decreases.

My Response: This occurs because you rely on others and wait for them to do it. This is the law.
It is necessary to work on our egoism so that each one of us wants to do it alone even though the task is designed for five people. Then, you will get a much better result than you did before.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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When Will The Olympic Games Take Place?

273.02In the News (BBC News):
“The postponed Tokyo Olympic Games will go ahead next year ‘with or without Covid’, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee says.

“John Coates confirmed … that the Olympics would start on 23 July next year, calling them the ‘Games that conquered Covid’.

“They were originally scheduled to start in July 2020, but were postponed due to Covid-19 fears. …

“‘Now very much these will be the Games that conquered Covid, the light at the end of the tunnel.'”

Question: What do you think about his claims?

Answer: What should he say? He needs to show everyone that they are inspiring and moving toward this cause, building,  and so on. Forward!

Question: Does this mean that they don’t feel the reason for the virus?

Answer: They don’t even feel how weak they are.

Comment: They feel that they are strong.

My Response: They will stand and weep like small kids who are looking for their mom.

Question: Is this where COVID-19 is leading us?

Answer: Yes, and much more.

Question: So that we will all feel like rags?

Answer: Yes, how else? Only then will we begin to listen.

Comment: But what we see is the opposite reaction everywhere: We will defeat the virus; we will find a vaccine…

My Response: Look at how you bring up kids. You bring them to a state in which they understand that they need you! Then you tell them what to do, and without a choice, they listen to you. A child cries but still does what needs to be done because he understands that he has no other choice. This is what the generation of selfishness is built on.

Question: Does this mean that we are constantly living in a state in which the Creator is above us and we are inside Him, and He leads us from one place to another?

Answer: Yes.

Question: This is how we have been living throughout history and this is how we continue to live now. So will the Olympic Games take place or not, what do you think?

Answer: If we behave, they will take place, and if we misbehave they will not.

Question: What appeal would you write to the upper force on behalf of the IOC? We would very much like the games to take place, what should we write?

Answer: I would write, “Touch the fans so that they will understand that they need to grow wiser, to understand the conditions under which the games can take place.”

The true Olympic Games are when at least during the games we cease the mutual hatred and the rejection we feel toward each other.

Question: And do we have to feel so before the games can start?

Answer: Yes, let’s prepare for this during the coming year.

Question: So will this be the preparation for the Olympic Games?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you imagine that the IOC would write such an appeal to the Creator?

Answer: They should start by putting a stop to all the military operations around the world during this time.

Comment: This could be a nice appeal to humanity.

My Response: We know that the true Olympic Games will take place only when humanity will want to put an end, at least for some time, to all the wars, conflicts, and struggles, and will want to participate in the right struggle, not with all kinds of viruses and forbidden stimulants, but by expressing its concern directly, openly, rationally, and honestly.

This could be amazing! But in order to do that we need to totally change our attitude to the games, to the world, to war, to everything.

What kind of games could there be today without stimulants? Who would compete today without such drugs? Today entire labs and institutions operate in order to provide an athlete with a pill that on the one hand will not be traceable, and on the other hand will help him break forward, even if he may later die as a result. Are these games? This is disgusting.

Question: So is this the reason that we are not allowed to get near the games since these are no longer games and no longer Olympic Games?

Answer: Yes, and even the declaration of John Coates, that “will go ahead next year ‘with or without Covid’…these will be the Games that conquered Covid”! how can that be? Who are you dealing with!? You are not even aware of the greatness of the games themselves, not of the games that should be, not of the fact that they are actually above human nature.

The Olympic Games were given to us in order to raise man above his competitive inclination, so that friendship and the right attitude toward each other will actually win. Here, however, everything is built on the opposite idea. See the hatred that is invoked between all the nations before the games. It is a good thing that these games do not take place.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/14/20

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Sin—Deviation From The Movement Toward The Goal

622.01The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the purpose of a person in this world, in this life, what we should do with ourselves in order to come to the ideal realization of our existence. We don’t know how to live. We see how people exist for no reason, aimlessly, all the while rambling around the world and life.

Kabbalah offers to make our life purposeful so that in the end we can reach the state for which our universe, the entire creation, and we were created.

Deviation from this goal is called “sin.” Here everything depends on a person, on one’s upbringing and education, on how one perceives oneself and the purpose of creation, how much one knows and owns it.

Ordinary people, who have no idea about this, do not ask such questions and do not think about what actually is a sin. For them, sin is bad behavior, theft, some misdemeanor, etc. This is also true. But the fact is that they do not know whether they are realizing themselves correctly or not, whether they are moving toward the right goal.

Therefore, it is very important to educate people that all human actions are evaluated according to the movement toward the goal of its creation. This is the main point relative to which sin or, conversely, a commandment or good deed is measured.

And if we clearly know and understand that this is how we should go forward, then based on the goal itself and moving toward it, we can already talk about actions that lead us in the shortest, optimal way to this goal.

Such actions are called commandments because, from the point of view of nature, we are commanded to move in this way. This we find out from the structure of the entire universe.

Conversely, those actions that turn us away or even back, and move us away from achieving the goal are called sin.

Our goal is to understand the Creator who reveals Himself in the measure of our equivalence of form to Him. Therefore, any of our actions aimed at resembling Him are called commandments, good, and correct.

The equivalence of form lies in the fact that we have acquired the qualities of the Creator. Then we will be closer to Him.

The Creator’s attributes are bestowal and love. Therefore, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main commandment of our development.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/19/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/10/20

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic of “Hanukkah”

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Selected Highlights  

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Hide and Seek With The Creator

207Question: What is double and single concealment?

Answer: We exist in a world where only one upper force acts, called the Creator. It influences us, controls us, and we are completely at its mercy. But initially, we do not feel it.

If a person begins to strive for its revelation, then he comes to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and joins in spiritual work, the purpose of which is to attain the Creator. We are created so that in this world, in this life, the Creator will be revealed by everyone all together.

When one tries to attain the Creator one begins to feel that He is actually concealed. Before that, he did not even have such a concept as the concealment of the Creator. Talk to someone on the street; they do not need to reveal the Creator, learn something about Him, or feel Him. So, the Creator plays hide-and-seek with us.

By realizing that the Creator is hidden from him, a person tries to at least feel where He is hiding and how. Gradually, from complete double concealment of the Creator, he gets closer to the single one, when he begins to feel that the Creator is hiding here and there. This is determined in relation to his feelings.

For example, if I feel bad in this world and, of course, all my feelings are based on how the Creator treats me, how he determines my state, then I say that He is hidden from me by a double screen.

When I come to a single concealment of the Creator, I see that the Creator is hidden from me, and this concealment of Him from me is the cause of my bad state.

Question: Can we say that a double concealment is a concealment both in the mind and in the heart, and a single concealment is only in the heart?

Answer: Yes. In the double concealment, I do not feel Him at all, either in my mind or in my heart. Rather, I feel only some negative effects on myself.

With a single concealment, in my mind I understand that the Creator is good and does good, that He exists, but because of my egoistic nature, I cannot justify Him yet.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/19

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