Work On Egoism

631.1Question: There is the so-called Ringelmann effect when, as the number of group members increases, the average individual contribution decreases.

Let’s say you and I can each lift 100 kilograms. If we are together, we lift much less and if there are eight of us, then we will hoist about 50% of what everyone can lift. This is called social laziness.

Moreover, the larger the number in the group, the more this effect manifests. How can this data be used to unite the group?

Answer: We need to show people how egoistic we are and how much we must give ourselves entirely to the general ascent in order to ultimately completely raise everything that we can.

Comment: Anyways, when we are in the ten and you give us some task, but I am personally not responsible for its implementation, my activity decreases.

My Response: This occurs because you rely on others and wait for them to do it. This is the law.
It is necessary to work on our egoism so that each one of us wants to do it alone even though the task is designed for five people. Then, you will get a much better result than you did before.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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