A Bloody Brawl In Marseilles

laitman_546_03Question: During the UEFA Cup in Marseilles, a bloody brawl broke out. What is happening to humanity? What have we come to?

Answer: People must release inner tension, let off steam.

Question: They didn’t need that in the past?

Answer: In the past, egoism, which is the heart of our nature, was not so great, terrible, and wicked. In the present state nothing can be done, people need to relax themselves somehow, to get rid of the accumulation of strong tension.

Unfortunately, training in sports clubs doesn’t help. Instead people are just puffing themselves up for such violent acts like these. Even passive types of recreation like fishing and hunting don’t help, besides these are not mass events. In contrast, soccer is already another matter.

In ancient Greece, during sports competitions wars were suspended! Sport was somewhat similar to religion. It was impossible to bribe athletes, they had no substance abuse problems, and they were not tested because they didn’t have a desire to deceive anyone. They were respected because of their talents and achievements. Sports were noble. Today, sports are dirty. Each nation endeavors to win by any means; the main thing is to hoist its flag.

I believe that national affiliation should be removed from sports and the buying and selling of players to the highest bidder prohibited. What kind of a custom is this?! If I had a billion dollars, I could assemble a team that would become the world champions in soccer. Is this sport?! This is a struggle between nations for their name and prestige!

What kind of prestige is this if players from Africa represent Norway for instance?! The problem is that sports have become a political struggle. I don’t see anything in this except the growth of egoism, and one that you cannot be particularly proud of; it is unreasonable, not acceptable to humanity, not placed in the right framework, not giving any pleasure, nor producing a good result.

I would simply transform this into an amusing game, putting a thousand people on one side and a thousand people on the other side, a wall facing a wall, to come out into an open field without any clubs, to measure their strength under the supervision of the police, with cameras all around for a live broadcast, and let the whole world would see how people hit each other.

Question: So is it useless to be engaged in their re-education?

Answer: That would be their re-education. They would be letting off steam and that is all. After that everyone would be given a awarded a liter of beer and everyone would feel calm and relaxed. They would sit satisfied, each one with a black eye and a beer!

It also puts them on TV for the whole world to see, and everyone is happy to see—to what we have come to in the 21st century!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/19/16

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  1. Actually amusing….and true…

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