The Origin Of Writing

Laitman_151In the News ( “Of course, originally people had no written language. Therefore, they tried to transmit information via various items. Historical examples are the substantive letters are wampum (Iroquois writing, whose elements were colored shells strung on a rope) and quipu (Peruvian writing in which messages were transmitted by means of the color and the number of nodules tied to a rope).

“Later, there was the so-called pictographic writing, in which information was transmitted through a variety of images (thumbnails). A figure indicated certain concepts. …

“Hieroglyphs, as we know, is preserved in the Oriental languages, up to the present day. It is characterized by the use of the same design elements in different characters. The main drawback of characters is that they have no connection with the spoken word, with pronunciation of words, but they convey their essence. …

“The revolution in the history of writing occurred with the emergence of syllabic writing. This category includes Sumerian, Old Persian and Akkadian cuneiform, Arabic and Phoenician letters, the Japanese system of Katakana and Hiragana … the Phoenician alphabet played a significant role in the history of mankind as it was the basis of the Greek language, which, in turn, came Latin , Cyrillic, and many other types of modern writing.”

My Comment: The Hebrew language developed through the attainment of the upper root in our world; therefore, its letters correspond to the vertical force of reception and to horizontal force of bestowal. The combination between them is the basis of the quadrangular letters of the Jewish alphabet. Each of the 22 letters is a symbol of a certain bestowal from the upper worlds upon our world. Many of the books of Kabbalah speak about this.

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