The Language Of Spiritual Forces

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does it matter for spiritual advancement whether we read The Book of Zohar in Hebrew or translated into other languages?

Answer: I have to say that it does. The uniqueness of the Hebrew language comes from the fact that it has spiritual roots. That is why the shape of the letters as well as their sequence reflect combinations of spiritual forces.

Hebrew isn’t my native language, and specifically because I am not accustomed to it, I can see in the combinations of letters and their shapes a truly mathematical logic. They are calculations and signs that are expressed in the form of letters. A letter is a sign.

The Zohar describes letters, their shapes, and order in such great detail that if you read it in another language, you as though become unable to do it. The same refers to the order of the words and the sequence of letters.

Let’s say, Hebrew has many things that seem to be unnecessary: letters “Shin” and “Sin” that  appear as the same letter same but are pronounced differently, or “Tav” and “Tet” that are different letters but are pronounced in the same way, or the spelling of letters and words.

Other languages got modified as history progressed; hence, there still are individual elements of the ancient language in the modern one, such as the endings in the French language, for instance. As to Hebrew, it hasn’t changed with history. The forces in charge of creating the meanings of words in spirituality are arranged in such manner that over the course of millennia it is impossible to change either the spelling of the words or the shapes of the letters.

Every language has an old and a modern version whereas Hebrew does not. There is a colloquial slang, but the language itself hasn’t been altered. It cannot change since its structure is based on the forces which create the signs regarded as letters and words.

This language will disappear only at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun), when we will ascend from ZAT (seven lower Sefirot) of Bina and ZON to GAR (three upper Sefirot) of Bina, wherein the letters will vanish. That’s when all of the matter will also dissolve.

Therefore, when asked “Should or shouldn’t I learn Hebrew?”, I would reply that it will be necessary, to a certain degree. If a person has time and opportunity to do so, it is worthwhile making an effort.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/10, “Introduction of The Book of Zohar,” Article “Yitro (Jethro)”

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