Man’s Heart Between Two Flames

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since the beginning of the crisis, many folks accept what Kabbalah explains; they agree that we need unity and that egoism is to blame. But they also inquire: “Then what do we need to do exactly?” We can’t make everybody sit and study The Zohar, can we?

Answer: Clearly, we can’t make everyone sit and study Kabbalah if they don’t have aspiration for it. But they have to learn the basics that Baal HaSulam explains in his writings, albeit in a light, accessible form: about society, integral connection, the need to unite, and a different attitude to each other. That would be enough to draw upon ourselves the developing force.

It is similar to how we design a book for children, using language they can understand and colorful pictures. But it does educate and develop them. As to an adult, we have to give him a different book, appropriate to his level of development. But it is still the same content, if only simplified, adapted to each group: for men, women, and children. If Baal HaSulam’s articles are adapted and abridged, they can reach the mind and heart of any person.

If, however, people immediately ask what to do physically, then the answer is: “Don’t do anything!” If we start acting only physically, we will ruin the method. Before anything else, change your thought pattern, and it will fix everything else! “Everything gets clarified in the thought,” and it is impossible to start something with actions.

The only actions we take are aimed at the circulation of Kabbalah and assisting our internal unity. No other action is necessary. Any meal or convention is merely an opportunity to connect. Everything is directed within. If we could get by without them, no action would be required at all. All action takes place within, in the person’s heart. We need to transform the heart.

Baal HaSulam’s articles have to simply become a “national treasure,” and everybody has to understand, discuss, and familiarize themselves with them. And while all of humanity will be going through trying events that lie ahead of us, you will see how one will link with the other.

Man will find himself in the middle. On one hand, the Creator will be pressuring him externally and internally by way of the intensifying crisis. On the other, humanity will have the wisdom of Kabbalah in a simple form, corresponding to its current state, and man will start changing. He will find himself between these two influences: suffering on one side and the method of Kabbalah, the Light, on the other.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/10, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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