Hide and Seek With The Creator

207Question: What is double and single concealment?

Answer: We exist in a world where only one upper force acts, called the Creator. It influences us, controls us, and we are completely at its mercy. But initially, we do not feel it.

If a person begins to strive for its revelation, then he comes to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and joins in spiritual work, the purpose of which is to attain the Creator. We are created so that in this world, in this life, the Creator will be revealed by everyone all together.

When one tries to attain the Creator one begins to feel that He is actually concealed. Before that, he did not even have such a concept as the concealment of the Creator. Talk to someone on the street; they do not need to reveal the Creator, learn something about Him, or feel Him. So, the Creator plays hide-and-seek with us.

By realizing that the Creator is hidden from him, a person tries to at least feel where He is hiding and how. Gradually, from complete double concealment of the Creator, he gets closer to the single one, when he begins to feel that the Creator is hiding here and there. This is determined in relation to his feelings.

For example, if I feel bad in this world and, of course, all my feelings are based on how the Creator treats me, how he determines my state, then I say that He is hidden from me by a double screen.

When I come to a single concealment of the Creator, I see that the Creator is hidden from me, and this concealment of Him from me is the cause of my bad state.

Question: Can we say that a double concealment is a concealment both in the mind and in the heart, and a single concealment is only in the heart?

Answer: Yes. In the double concealment, I do not feel Him at all, either in my mind or in my heart. Rather, I feel only some negative effects on myself.

With a single concealment, in my mind I understand that the Creator is good and does good, that He exists, but because of my egoistic nature, I cannot justify Him yet.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/19

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