The Path To Truth

563Truth, justice, and mercy‚—everyone selects which principle to act according to in this world. It is clear that we cannot be guided by truth because we do not know it; therefore, we choose something else. That is why we create different systems to help those who are weaker: pay benefits, help single mothers and young families, etc.

It is as if we want to compensate for what the Creator did incorrectly and unjustly. The Creator allegedly arranged injustice in the world and we see that the world is initially corrupted, but we do not understand what is involved with the correction. We try to perform a correction outside of a person instead of correcting him inside. This is the whole problem.

If we want to be guided by the truth, we must correct everyone. Instead, we correct the external connections between us, and therefore we do not see success.

It is very difficult to establish the truth because we do not know the internal reserves of a person, but only see his external efforts. However, one is stronger and more energetic by nature and the other is lazy and weak, and it is impossible to assess what efforts this work really takes for everyone.

We must take into account the internal forces of a person in order to demand from everyone equal effort in the work. The strong one can do twice as much work as the weak, but we will be considered as equal.

It is written that “Truth shall spring forth from the earth,” meaning from the desire. If we use our desire correctly, we will find the criterion of truth there and will be able to use it correctly.

It should become clear to everyone how much each person has received from nature, from the Creator, and how much each one has supplemented, and then everyone will be evaluated equally.

We can achieve the criterion of truth only if we all feel each other internally. We need to come to such a connection between us and the Creator and to reveal such a force of connection that everyone is ready to bestow upon the other with all their heart and soul. Then we will reach the degree of truth. We will no longer count who has done more and who has done less—everyone will give one hundred percent and the truth will reign.

This does not mean equalizing everyone, it means that we unite in such a form where everything starts to work out. There are two conditions: everyone gives everything they have and uses all their abilities for a common connection. Then we complement each other like ants in an anthill.

The revelation of truth turns the entire universe into a sphere: everyone is integrated into each other so that the quality of the Creator, the upper force of bestowal, is revealed within them. And in this way, we achieve perfection.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Peace in the World”

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