Sukkot — The Start Of Building The Soul

285.02The Sukkot holiday symbolizes the beginning of building the soul. The soul begins from the quality of the Creator, the quality of Abraham, which is called Hesed, bestowal, an open heart, everything that is aimed at loving the created beings for their benefit.

Obviously, it is impossible to reach the purpose of creation in this form because the quality of Abraham does not yet have the quality of creation, the will to receive, which must be present in all this process. After all, that is what it was devised for.

We need to correct ourselves because the purpose of creation is to bring a person to the degree of the Creator, to adhesion and equivalence with Him. The quality of Abraham is not enough for this; we need to add to it the matter of creation, the will to receive.

The quality of Abraham, Hesed, fills the entire space created by the Creator. The Creator wants to see all the created beings there, connected with each other in love and unity together with Him. However, there is no creation there yet. Creation appears only after the birth of Isaac, the will to receive that joins the quality of bestowal of Abraham.

Abraham and Isaac are opposite to each other. The result of their combination is also not enough to reach the goal of creation and complete adhesion with the Creator, but it is still a great step that gets closer to this. This is mainly due to the sacrifice of Isaac, the main action performed on this quality, on the will to receive, to which the second day of Sukkot is dedicated.

The patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David, are not people, but are the main spiritual qualities that exist in the system created by the Creator through which we can correct our souls.

However, every person also has to go through all these changes within themselves: first to completely annul themselves before the quality of Hesed, then to awaken a critical attitude a little and allow the will to receive to reveal itself. Then one begins to combine the quality of Abraham, Hesed, with the quality of Isaac, Gevura, by faith above reason.

This means that we use our will to receive only in order to establish over it the control of the desire to bestow. Only in this form do we allow ourselves to work with our egoism. When we correct it in this way, the middle line, Jacob, will come out of it.

How do we ensure that the left line in the ten obeys the right one? Everyone bows their head and lets the others be higher. We are competing by who nullifies themselves the most. The one who will be the lowest will gain the most and rise the highest. This is a competition in who uses more their will to receive in order to bestow.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/20, “Sukkot

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