Is There A Wrong Decision?

547.04Question: Sometimes we postpone making a decision. Can this also be called a solution?

Answer: Sometimes this is the best solution.

Question: What can prevent us from making the right decision?

Answer: Lack of necessary data when you clearly know what is missing.

Question: What advice can you give to a person who made a wrong decision and now regrets it?

Answer: Not to regret it. Regretting the past is not understanding that there is a leader above you who programs all this and looks ahead.

Question: Do you think that if the decision was already made it cannot be a wrong one?

Answer: In this case, you should think that you are not in the position of the leader, but rather in the position of a manager or even a performer. Then you will not have any problems.

Remark: Still, there is such a concept as a wrong decision.

My Comment: There is nothing wrong. You tried your best without looking ahead and faithfully solving a problem. Yet, you got what you got and you should say, “The Creator finishes instead of me.”
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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