Communication In The Family

961.2Question: What should be the basic principle of a person’s relationship with their family?

Answer: The family, according to Kabbalah, is a person’s environment, which allows him to exist in our world as correctly, normally, and comfortably as possible.

Question: For example, I love my children and my wife so I do not need to make much effort to treat them responsibly and altruistically. Can we say that nature gives us such an example so that we can later treat other people in the same way?

Answer: No. We cannot determine our attitude toward others without taking into account their attitude toward us. Therefore, if we are talking about building relationships within a family, then we must take care of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels in order to provide our household with these levels in the necessary, rational form.

Question: But why is it created by nature that a person should have some kind of small cell close to him?

Answer: Everything comes from the earth, from the inanimate level, followed by the vegetative, and then the animate level. In order to maintain and develop these levels in us, we must continue to exist in them, despite the fact that we are already, perhaps, at a higher level.

Therefore, any great Kabbalist still has a family, and he takes care of it to some extent. He satisfies the basic desires of his loved ones, although, in principle, his spiritual essence, his spiritual ties with the upper system in which he already resides, have nothing to do with communications within his family.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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