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Even Darwin asserted that it’s not the strongest that survives, but the more adapted. Human history teaches that it’s not the strongest that survive, but those who are friendlier, who do not rule over others. This is true at all degrees of nature and throughout all human history. Cooperation trumps force.

When I have faith above reason, the force of bestowal, I enter it and start to gradually build myself. This is called spirituality: the degree of Bina above the degree of Malchut, when we want to think, feel, understand, and see everything according to the following degree above myself.

All degrees, all states already exist in reality. We have to make efforts in order to enter them. I lead myself to the degree of faith, Bina—and those who are outside of me, the group and the Creator, are more important than myself. I see, feel, and hear what happens in the friends, and not inside of me. This is already a spiritual sensation.

Above reason is to act in the will to bestow, for the sake of unity, according to spiritual definitions. In the material world each person exists on his own—there is no unity, since each one looks out for himself. But through unity and mutual bestowal, I feel reality and through it I look at the whole world.

I want to see everyone with different eyes: not my own, but the eyes of the ten. And the same for sensation, in the heart and mind—in everything I strive to attain the collective perception, in order to see the world not as one person, but as a ten. A ten is a spiritual structure in which the spiritual state is revealed
From Twitter, 9/12/20

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