How To Get Out Of Misery

622.01Question: How not to pass suffering on to others? Should suffering be hidden?

Answer: I think that it is advisable not to convey negative feelings to people. To do so because it makes it easier for you is super-egoism. Therefore, we must try, on the contrary, to play in front of people and put on a “good face”.

Question: Is it despite the fact that you are suffering and feel bad yourself?

Answer: Yes. Then you will get out of it quickly because when you show others that you are in a good mood, you will enter it yourself.

Question: Do you kind of get out of your suffering and enter a good mood in order to convey it to others? This in fact is high aerobatics. What about a Kabbalist when he suffers?

Answer: A Kabbalist, suffering, laughs at himself. Really laughs at himself. Because there is no reason for suffering at all! Except for our petty selfishness.

Therefore, if you laugh at it, you can quickly get out of it. I saw it on my teacher. This is, of course, an excellent example of how a person can rise above suffering.

Question: But is the suffering itself felt at this moment?

Answer: Of course. This he cannot remove. He can only try to rise above it. In principle, according to Kabbalah, it is forbidden to destroy suffering, eradicate it, or erase its source, but it is necessary to rise above it.

Question: So there is both suffering and my rise above it?

Answer: Yes. Then, in the difference between them, you begin to feel the greatness of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/18/20

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