Intimate Relationships Have Become State Treason

627.2Remark: North Korea has declared war on intimate relationships between teenagers. The head of North Korea Kim Jong Un declared intimate relationships in adolescence was treasonous and announced plans to make it a punishable offense.

According to the head of the DPRK, sex between teenagers is “immoral sexual deviancy,” and it is caused by “decadent capitalist influences.” Control began in schools.

My Comment: Good education is not built on violence. In addition, today young people between the ages of 14 and 15 are such teenagers, if you can call them teenagers, that in our time people were at the age of 20. Of course, it is very difficult to keep today’s youth from all kinds of sexual relationships because everything is open. They have the Internet, but people are still people..

Question: What should replace their fervor that naturally pushes them toward each other?

Answer: I think that it cannot be replaced because the desire for sexual satisfaction is very strong in a man, especially in a teenager. Of course, I would give them a very serious education.

Question: What would you teach them?

Answer: Everything! Anatomy, physiology, psychology, sexology, what a man and a woman are, what birth is. I would definitely teach and show everything through all sorts of movies. There is nothing to hide. That only makes it worse. They will be busy with it even more, and they will acquire all kinds of misconceptions. The forbidden fruit is sweet. I would definitely open all this.

Question: Where would they come to as a result?

Answer: Where they are now, but in a normal form, without any distortion. They would know how they are built, what nature requires of us, what our psychology is, so that we behave correctly, that we are pleasant people for ourselves and for others, so that we are not ashamed of all this.

Just raise it from the level of secrecy to the level of frankness. You will see that all this has a completely different taste, a completely different attitude.

Question: Would they come to the correct connection?

Answer: Yes, there must be a correct connection. It still does not exist today. Still today sexology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology of correct sexual intercourse are not taught correctly.

Question: Would you include into this understanding what friendship is and what love is?

Answer: Yes, it “clothes” in this. Then both friendship and love will be human components. Human, not animal! If I am hungry, should I eat? So, I should have this as well. This is what my body requires, what can I do?! I think only about this. Food and then sex, that is all.

Question: Would friendship and love then clothe in this base?

Answer: This does not relate to physiology that much. Then you need to understand how to put it together.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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