“Prepare For A Tough Winter”

Dr. Michael Laitman

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/20/20

We are nearing the end of the summer and Covid-19 isn’t letting up. Wherever restrictions are eased, it erupts stronger than before, infecting younger and younger people, and with strains up to ten times more contagious. As temperatures begin to drop and outdoor entertainment becomes less appealing, people will either avoid going out or attend indoors events and increase the already high risk of contagion. At the same time, those who stay home can expect irritation and low spirits, at best, and temper tantrums are more than likely. And worst of all, domestic violence is bound to soar.

Also, as jobs run out and scores fall into a cash-flow crisis, food insecurity and disconnection from utilities will become commonplace. In that state, hopelessness coupled with the tense upcoming elections will exacerbate street violence, homicide, looting, and arsons to the point where they become routine. In many towns and neighborhoods, people will not dare set foot outside their homes. Unless something changes fast, we’d better prepare for a very tough winter.

But if anything can change, it is the future. The future is always in our hands to shape. And now is our last call to shape our society into a community, a congregation of accountable individuals who are responsible for one another and do not let other people fall by the wayside just because they’re not on my political, racial, or ethnic side.

We are living the final days before the collapse, but we haven’t fallen yet. We can eyeball the hatred in our hearts and tell it, “The more you grow, the more we the people will unite. It is only thanks to you, hatred, that we tighten our bond.”
It’s natural for opposites to dislike one another. Love between people of conflicting views always requires hard work. But precisely because of it, it is the only love that you can truly say you chose of your own volition. Only when you rise above your natural inclination can you say that you have made a free choice. But once you’ve made it, it is yours.

This should be our preparation for the tough winter ahead. Hatred will come for sure, but we must be prepared to fasten the wings of our society together right above the hate. And the more it grows, the tighter we will tie ourselves together. If we do that, then by winter’s end, hatred will be gone, and Covid will be gone right along with it.

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