In the News (Teen Vogue): In a now viral post, a BTS [K-Pop boyband] fan on Twitter used the seven member group to explain the components of an animal cell. …’I’m a biology major and I love the sciences so I thought it would be cool to incorporate my studies into it. … I thought about their respective personalities and roles in the group and tried my best to connect that to the roles of various organelles within the cell.'”

Question: Can we compare the way the cell functions as a model for building a group or a society?

Answer: Basically, yes. We know that every organism is made of contrasting parts, but they have to connect in a certain way for the sake of sustaining and creating a new complex integral organism.

The basis of this connection is that each of them bends itself in the direction of the common view, common role, and common goal. This means that to a certain extent each one subdues and lowers itself,  even destroys something about itself, and definitely limits itself in order to create one vital, multi-purpose, coordinated organism. It should be such an organism that can play with its different parts in any situation, and thus add totally different features from its internal attributes. What is more, these features should already be complex and of high standard.

For example, when different musical instruments connect into one gigantic musical instrument, an orchestra, their emotions, expressions, and sensations all connect, and thus produce a unique combination of sounds.

Question: When a nuclear cell is first created from non-nuclear cells, it is created as a result of an aggressive environment. How can a human organism be created without the impact of an aggressive environment but as a result of a positive impact?

Answer: It is impossible without an aggressive impact. There must be a common enemy of all the parts so they will begin to connect thanks to it. There cannot be a positive impact that will lead to connection because we are made solely of egoistic matter.

So there needs to be great external scares and threats in order to overcome our egoism. Perhaps then I will be able to subordinate myself to the rest, let’s say before a certain group, and enter it so they will feel that they benefit from me because I am ready to annul myself before them and enter them as an absolute integral part.

Question: Does this mean that now unity in society is simply impossible?

Answer: It is not possible in any way. Society needs to feel the threat of annihilation, and only then will it be able to think about uniting integrally, because the whole unity is based on my obedience to others.

Remark: In human society, in a collective, in a regiment, it is possible for a person who fulfills a certain function to say at a certain point: “That’s it, enough, I am tired, I cannot carry on any longer.”

My Comment: No. When people begin to connect to each other, they work in such a way that their unity positively affects them. They see progress and a positive outcome.

If at first we have to escape death, when we begin to connect, a new life spreads before us, a new level. This is a different matter. Here different positive components begin to emerge that draw us forward. Of course the initial state is merely the fear of death, which means escape from death.

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, what is the name of the state that we acquire as we cooperate in the group?

Answer: Unity—when each one begins to see a part of himself in others and understands that without connecting to others he will not be able to feel the new life. The new life is felt on a new level. You cannot convey this to people who do not feel it because you have to actually annul yourself and enter others, connect to them, and in the mutual connection between you, you feel the totally new state, a new life.

Life is where you feel others instead of yourself. This is an incredible feeling, and it is beyond the framework of our life. Your personal, individual life, is the feeling of yourself, while here, we begin to feel others and actually accept them as our life. This means that everything that exists outside of me is called spiritual life, and everything that exists inside of me is called corporeal life.

Yet I cannot enter this state and annul myself, even if I can expect good things and unearthly feelings. I cannot overcome my ego, which is an obstacle on my way to connecting with others. There must be a real breakthrough here, and only a terribly great fear can provide that.

There is a way to overcome fear easily: if a person enters such a group in advance, wants to connect to others, joins them, cooperates with them, and so on. In any case, a real entrance to a group is accompanied by fear of being thrown out, which means actual spiritual death for a person. The motivation is great, because by doing so I begin to feel life outside myself.

When I feel myself, I feel my corporeal life has come to an end, if not today, then tomorrow, but when I exit myself, I begin to feel life outside myself, which is eternal and whole.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/2/18

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