Worldly Question

Laitman_115Question: How does Kabbalah help in building relationships within the family? Since I have a large female audience, they are interested in how to find a partner and create a family with him?

Answer: Although this is a worldly question that is close to each of us, it is very complex. After all, we are just beginning to touch on the changes that we must go through in our existence from one cycle of life to the other.

Therefore, such questions can be asked, of course, but the answer to them is both complex and simple. Simple in the fact that no one will tell you anything about it because no one knows the answer. Only you can reveal your inner information, which you must implement either in a good way or in an evil way.

Precisely in how to realize yourself is the freedom of choice and the only opportunity for a person to apply himself correctly in his life.

As for choosing a partner, this already comes from the fact that you know exactly or at least more or less imagine who you are in your information core, the so-called Reshimo (the inner record of your soul, its future state) and whether you can realize yourself quickly, well, comfortably, correctly with this partner. This is not easy because it depends on the vision of his and your fate as something compatible.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/10/20, Part 3

laitman_565.02Question: What is the group?

Answer: The group is the boat that takes you on a journey across the sea of life.

Question: Should we always forgive the egoists? Maybe this forgiveness can be a signal for them to stop?

Answer: There is no need to forgive anyone. It will lead to nothing. We need to educate ourselves and set an example for others on how to become better.

Question: How can we get out of our own egoism, out of our comfort zone? What is supposed to push me?

Answer: Try to find an environment that will push and disturb you all the time. Looking at it, you will feel that you are lagging behind others.

Question: Has the Creator given everyone an individual portion of egoism that one must correct?

Answer: Yes, of course. Everyone has their own individual egoism. In addition, we are required to correct it by connecting with all the other egoists.

Question: What is the final result of development?

Answer: To connect everyone by ties of love and for everyone to be absolutely comfortable.

Question: What can we give to our neighbor?

Answer: Nothing except to help him get in contact with the Creator. Only this!

Question: How did you realize that you stopped being an egoist?

Answer: I did not stop. There is still a lot of egoism in me that needs to be corrected. I am not yet a complete righteous nor a complete sinner, but somewhere in the middle.

Question: What should I do with the sense of guilt?

Answer: Stop eating yourself up because it’s not your fault. Only the Creator, who created the egoism, is to blame. And if we use it correctly, we will be very grateful to Him for it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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That Is How We Were Created

75.01Rabash, Article 10, “What Is the Degree One Should Achieve in Order Not to Have to Reincarnate?” (1984): The thing is that we have to know that all of the souls extend from the soul of Adam HaRishon, for after he sinned in the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, his soul divided into 600,000 souls. This means that the one light that Adam HaRishon had, which the Holy Zohar called Zihara Ila’a [upper brightness], which he had in the Garden of Eden at once, spreads into numerous pieces.

There is a state called “one general soul” or Adam. This is a desire to receive, to enjoy, to fill one’s self, to be filled with Light.

In such a state this creature feels itself in the most minimal way because it has been filled quite a bit, like a baby who has been fed, had his diaper changed, lies in his mother’s arms, can smell her, and needs nothing else, he feels good.

The Creator does not wish to leave us in this state. He wants us to attain His state, which is the most mature state, and so He shattered this desire into 600,000 parts (souls), which are divided into an infinite number of sparks of the soul.

Each part differs from the others by its egoistic desire, which does not allow him to perceive the desires of others. There is a huge antagonism between them.

There is a particle of the general soul in each of us. Therefore, we don’t understand each other and cannot connect between us in any way. We can only feel that we depend on each other and that this dependence forces us to put up with each other. As long as I receive a filling in an egoistic manner, some benefit from others, I tolerate them next to me. If there is nothing I can gain from others, then I actually suffer from their presence and try to break away from them. That is how we were created.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/16/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/4/20

Lesson Preparation

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Love Covers All Transgressions

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Writings of Baal HaSulam,  “The Freedom,”  (Subtitle:  “Taking after the Collective”)

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Lesson on the Topic “The Obligation of Bnei Baruch to Humanity in the Last Generation – Selected Excerpts From the Sources”  

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Selected Highlights

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