Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/10/20, Part 1

laitman_281.02Question: Why does a person not understand how short his time is?

Answer: This is done specifically so that we can still exist properly and normally without being depressed all the time. If we were constantly thinking about death, it would be better to die than to live like this.

Question: Why are we prisoners of our inner emotions? How can we free ourselves and put them into practice for the common good?

Answer: This holds primal importance. I would even say the first task that we face when we study Kabbalah and want to implement it. How we raise our emotions, study them, express them, and then make sure that they are properly used by us, this is what we study in Kabbalah.

Question: If I don’t know my boundaries, how can I advance and correct myself?

Answer: To do this, you must be in touch with like-minded people. And then you will set boundaries between yourself in which you will do good to each other and try to extinguish the inner evil in yourself.

Question: How can we increase our egoism so that we feel rewarded?

Answer: Don’t worry, it will come to you. Everything will be revealed. Just move with us and we will study everything together.

Question: Where can I find a group of egoists who want to advance to the purpose of creation?

Answer: Look at everyone you see on the screen right now. They’re inveterate egoists. And most of them agree to correct themselves. Look at how many of them there are. They even smile. But they are egoists. You must love them.

Question: Is suicide selfishness or a protest to the Creator?

Answer: Suicide is an escape from responsibility for others.

Question: What signs will make me understand if I’m growing?

Answer: By how close you are to others.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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